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Does Your Lifestyle Match Your Fitness Goals? What did you expect?

With regards to training, there are 3 main points of emphasis. The overarching fourth, REST, only makes the optimization of the other 3 that much better. That being said, this blog is written with rest being the constant. Now then, the variables are Nutrition (N), Resistance Training (RT), and Cardio (C). The following list is … Continue reading Does Your Lifestyle Match Your Fitness Goals? What did you expect?

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Nekter Advanced Cleanse (3 Days)

Nekter Advanced Cleanse (3 Days) 1 Day = ~15 lbs of fruits and vegetables Juice 1: Apple/Parsley/Kale/Spinach/Mint/Lime/Cucumber/Celery Juice 2: Lemon/Ginger/Agave Nectar/Filtered Water Juice 3: Celery/Parsley/Cilantro/Spinach/Apple/Cucumber/Lemon/Kale Juice 4: Filtered Water/Lemon/Agave Nectar/Cayenne Pepper/Turmerec Juice 5: Apple/Celery/Beet/Ginger/Parsley/Spinach/Lemon Juice 6: Filtered Water/Raw Cashews/Agave Nectar/Vanilla Bean Last week I dropped $120 at Nekter Juice Bar on the 3 Day Advanced … Continue reading Nekter Advanced Cleanse (3 Days)

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$159.99 per Month

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