About Next Level PHX


Sharpen the mind, harden the body, soften the heart and be of service to others.”

Abd al Malik Ali

Even Michael Jordan had a coach. Tom Brady has a coach. Serena and Venus have a coach. Anyone who performs at their peak, more than likely has benefited from coaching along the way.

For our team at Next Level to help you show up in the world as your best self we had to address some issues and solve a few problems. 

  1. Coaching and Programming: Our coaches, regardless of credentials, go through our “Coach Development Program” to make sure they are fundamentally sound and technically proficient to deliver the quality of coaching above the industry standard that you, the member-athlete deserve. Our programming is for you, our Next Level member-athletes. We are training as a team, with enough versatility to facilitate progress for everyone and keep it challenging and fun over time.
  2. Support: We have gone above and beyond to add value to your experience here at Next Level through the additional expertise our staff brings to the table in Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Stretch Therapy, Meal Prep, and our Leaders Forum where we address the principles of a mindset wired for success.
  3. Excuses: With everything you need at your fingertips, we have created a Division 1 environment for our member-athletes. No matter your age, background, ability, or experience. We will meet you where you’re at and build upon that foundation. With the resources we have available, our team is here to help maximize your potential!

Changing your lifestyle for the better can be a daunting task all by itself. What can make the uphill climb even steeper is not knowing where or how to start with no support and lack of resources. To facilitate, and ease your lifestyle transition, we have vertically integrated our facility to eliminate the roadblocks most people encounter along the way. 

At Next Level PHX, you will have no excuses in your way. With all we offer, success is guaranteed. When you are ready to start taking care of yourself, we are here to take care of you.

Fitness is free. YOU are the investment!

Meet Our Coaches

Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS


A competitive athlete his entire life, “Derz” played football at both the Air Force Academy and Texas A&M – Commerce. He fell in love with fitness in college while working in the offseason at the Academy. He was fortunate enough to initially develop his knowledge from Allen Hedrick, M.A., CSCS*D, the head strength and conditioning coach at both the Olympic Training Center and the Air Force Academy.

He continued his education at Texas A&M – Commerce under Dr. Ken Alford, PhD. In 2006, Mycal graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Performance, Kinesiology. Upon the completion of his collegiate career, his focus was shifted to bodybuilding where he placed in the top five of each competition, winning two classes along the way. As an Officer of Marines, he spent time developing remedial fitness programs for the Marines in various units boosting performance in annual Physical Fitness Tests by more than 25%. In 2009 and 2011 he developed offseason strength and conditioning programs for the Gila Ridge High School Football team, helping them reach the 2011 Arizona State Playoffs for the first time in school history. This programing helped a number of players move on to play at the college level. Mycal now regularly competes locally and regionally in CrossFit competitions.

With a Master’s of Science in Exercise and Wellness (Arizona State), backed by Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Performance (TAMU-Commerce), Mycal has dedicated his life to applying his education to fitness and performance training. According to his peers and clients, Mycal is one of the best performance coaches in Arizona.


Samuel Gershkovich


Almost 6 years ago Sam was told by a doctor that he was on the verge of liver failure and that if he continued to live life the way he has been he would be facing some serious health complications. Shortly after this wake up call, Sam discovered Crossfit. Being instantly drawn to Olympic lifting and gymnastics movements he knew he wanted to get more involved. He took the next few years developing competency in Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and other fundamental CrossFit movements/skills.

He credits CrossFit for his relentless pursuit of “Raising The Standard” as we like to say at CrossFit PHX. This pursuit stretched beyond fitness into his every day life and made him passionate to help others on their journeys.

Although Sam enjoys coaching all levels of athletes, he loves working with people who are recovering from an injury. This comes from his long background in massage therapy and sports massage.


Joanna Riggs


Joanna grew up in athletics, with gymnastics being her sport of choice. After about 9 years in the sport she was a cheerleader for a couple years, then was stuck searching for what to do next. She began coaching gymnastics and found a CrossFit box nearby. She appreciates the variety of CrossFit and the challenge it brings, whether it be learning a new skill or pushing yourself to be better.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness from ASU, and during this time coached CrossFit for 4 years. She left her box to continue pursuing her business of being a Fascial Stretch Specialist at Stretch for Strength, and Instructor at Stretch to Win. After taking a year and a half off of coaching she decided to step back in the training space and get her CrossFit Level 2 certification.

She is excited to bring her flexibility and training background to Next Level PHX. She strives to help people gain flexibility, strength, confidence, and achieve new goals


Filippo Swartz


Filippo started playing football at twelve years old. After playing his first game, Filippo was hooked on sports and competing. It became a dream to play football in college and in the NFL. Once getting to college Filippo was able to stay on the football team for two years but never got to play a down due to his constant battle with back injuries. 

It took a year after leaving the team to discover CrossFit in his last year of college. CrossFit had reignited the spark and drive to compete. Filippo has taken it upon himself to not let his back injuries hold him back (pun intended). Dedicated to searching for all the ways fitness can improve his back, Filippo decided to get his L1 in 2019 to be able to help others work past whatever obstacles they face

Filippo is a big believer in staying positive no matter what life throws at him. He has made it his personal mission to show others that they have the strength to get to where they want to be no matter the challenges and brings this mentality into the gym every day.



Beau Crisp


An avid jiujitsu practitioner, outdoorsman, tattoo fan, and coffee connoisseur.

In the world of sport, Beau has had successful experiences in football, martial arts, and baseball with opportunities to go to the next level in both football and wrestling. As a means to stay closer to family, Beau decided to put himself through school and achieve his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, ranking in as the 7th best program in the nation. During his time in Knoxville and Phoenix Beau has been mentored under some of the best head strength and conditioning minds in the country such as head strength coaches from The University of Tennessee, Georgia State, Florida State, and Next Level’s very own Mycal Anders. Now, Beau specializes in Endurance, Grappling, and Sport Performance where he has had successful athletes in SWAT, firefighting, triathlons, marathons, grappling, and general health & fitness over the past few years. Beau’s favorite aspect of training is watching people go through their own self exploration and seeing them accomplish physical tasks that they never thought was possible.

During school Beau began competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he had the opportunity to train with Ben Harrison and UFC fighter Scott Holtzman. During that time Beau also began participating in endurance events such as full marathons, 50k’s, & 70.3 half Ironman distances. If it’s not jiujitsu or endurance his favorite pastimes would be backpacking, drinking coffee, and bow hunting in the mountains.

There are two characteristics Beau is most proud of:

  1. approaching his career/life with a student mindset
  2. being a good friend


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